Creating adventurous, personality-packed brands that do more than just pop.

Taking you on a journey to build a stand out brand to shout from the rooftops about, that’ll have all the right people knocking at your digital door.

I see you…

You’re looking for…

…total brand clarity giving you the tools you need to show up as you, unapologetically.

The confidence to grow your credibility and authority and get results.

A personality packed brand that pops and speaks directly to the right people, while repelling the wrong ones.

A trusted branding copilot to guide you through the process.


Oh, and you know those thoughts you have on what a rebrand is..? Yeah, you can scrap those…

The Brand Transformation

You’re ready to create a stand-out brand that feels completely ‘you’. One that gives you the clarity you need to get excited to show up on the regular, and that you’ll want to shout from the rooftops about.

Branding is all about giving an experience that takes your ideal clients on a journey with you helping them not just see, but feel everything you do. 

I’m here to take ambitious female founders, creatives and coaches on a journey and invite them to dig deep, step out of their comfort zone into that place where all the magic happens, helping them create a personality-packed brand that will stop their ideal clients in their scroll and transform their online presence to make a lasting impact on the right people.

Latest  projects

From deep-dive brand strategy projects and brand revamps, to full branding and website transformations, take a peek at our latest projects.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all…”

I’m Katie, designer, strategist and avid adventurer and just like you, I’ve been lost…

I’m totally obsessed with taking adventurous female creatives, coaches and educators on a journey of discovery of their business from the foundations up, to give them a crystal clear brand vision and a new found confidence to make an impact.

“Katie’s proposal totally blew the others out of the water. She just totally spoke to me in a way the others hadn’t.

The best part of working with Katie was her complete understanding of what I wanted to achieve.

Katie is almost as passionate about your business as you are and truly gets excited about its future”


Weddings by Mary

Katie really took the time to listen, ask the right questions and truly immerse herself in the essence of our business and she showed how much she cared the whole way through.

Her approach made us feel confident that we were in the hands of a professional who genuinely cared about our project. It gave us clarity and direction and we are so grateful!

Nicole & Marcela

Bossa Shoes

“I think Katie is a magic combination of being able to provide creative design and functionality. She was great at guiding a totally non-website-understanding human like me through the process and also really helped me understand why to do things in the way we did.

I love my new branding and website. It has given me renewed confidence in my business and I am massively grateful!”


Claire Owen Cakes

“So many people absolutely LOVE my branding and website! It has completely changed the way I personally look at my business having fallen out of love with it previously.

It’s given my business a whole new lease of life and I got 3 new enquiries straight away after it launched!”


Sophie lake weddings

“Katie created something that really feels like it represents me and my brand. It gives me so much confidence & motivation going forward to push my business forward.

The process of working together was so enjoyable because of the way Katie is and the end result is better than I could have imagined.”


Natalie Lockwood Interiors

“The process of working with Katie was fabulous. From the get go she was on hand with any questions I had, which were very few because she was so thorough.

I now have a platform to share my resources and have a place to create courses and impact more students, in a way that I wasn’t able to before.”


Learn English with Niva

I loved how the process of working with Katie took what I wanted and made it all happen, with a guiding hand to keep me on the path I had set.

What Katie offers is so much more than just a redesign and technical set up. It has revolutionised my business, and I’d love to see others be able to enjoy that too.”

Caritas cake design

A female led business, who I could see from the offset knew her stuff, Katie took the time to really get to know me and my business.

Katie was always really pro-active in helping me push the project over the line and encouraging me out of my comfort zone to have pictures taken, which really enhanced the end result.


RT ADVANCE Consulting

I absolutely love the way Katie works. She genuinely took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve and guided me on how to achieve it.

Everything turned out better than I hoped. It was visually beautiful and Katie really helped me nail the content and I love the way she took what I was trying to say and made it clearer for my audience on my new website.


Abstract Events

“Our website needed a refresh and some updates to content and Katie was the obvious choice because of her design skills.

Katie was easy to work with and quickly understood what we needed. The project was also really well organised, the redesigned website had made me look more professional and we now have up to date content


D.O Digital Marketing

“My new website does a great job at highlighting the work I do, as well as showcasing my brand and personality too! It now makes it easier for perspective clients to understand the work I do, and how they can work with me in the future.

Katie was able to bring my website dreams to life, and made the whole process so easy and smooth!


All Things Money

Let’s take the road less travelled…

A brand that speaks to the right people and the confidence to show up exactly as you are is closer than you think.

You’re at a fork in the road. Will you take the road that leads you to discover a brand and business you’ve always wanted and finally get you the clarity you’ve been searching for?

That’s exactly the magic we can create together on your journey…

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