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Oh, Hello!

I create strategic non-boring bold effective stunning brands & websites

For busy, ambitious business owners who dare to be different

It’s time to up your game but you don’t just need a pretty new website to make your business dreams come true, you need an online presence that sticks in the minds of your people and to offer them an experience they won’t forget.

I don’t just make things pretty. I take what makes your people tick and what makes your business unique and weave it all together to bring your identity to life.

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Here’s the thing…

The internet is a hustly and cramped place. It’s time to make your online identity memorable and speak directly to your people…

Because if it’s not immediately clear who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you do it differently to all the others out there, we have a bit of a problem.

In fact, it takes your website visitors just 2.6 seconds to form their first impression of your site and make a decision to stay or to leave, to work with you… or not. Make sure the impression you make is a good one.

That’s the kind of magic we’ll create together.

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Stand out in a saturated market

Uplevel your business by getting laser clear on your niche, your goals and your ideal clients  to create a visual identity and customer experience your dream customers won’t forget.

Get it done and off your to do list

Move on from that out-of-date website and that dusty old branding you have and get back all that time you’d have spent on it to focus on the things you love doing and the skills you’re the specialist at in your business.

Grow your business and reach your goals

Have, not just a website, but a marketing machine that will work for you, even while you sleep. Because a great website provides a sustainable game plan and hustle culture is “so 2019”. 

Here's how it works...

Here’s how it works…

01. Start with the strategy

We’ll get crystal clear on who you want to attract, what makes them tick and how we can speak directly to them. We’ll get laser clear on where you want your business to get to too. Behind every visually beautiful website is a plan on how we can best reach your business goals.

02. The Design

Next I will come up with the visual aspects of your branding and website which will be fed by the strategy we have come up with. Through this process I will continue to refer back to your business goals and keep everything in line with who your dream clients are and make sure it’s all aligned with who we want to talk to directly.

03. Build it to convert

Once your website design is approved by you, I’ll build it out in to a fully functioning website. This is where we will pull together all the content for the site and get it all edited, tested out and optimised and make it live once it’s ready to go! Then we can get the gins in for a big celebration to the future of your business! Cheers!

I won’t leave you hanging…

A website is never finished! Websites are hungry, living beasts (a bit like myself) and all the best websites need care and attention after launch. The great news is that I won’t just disappear and wish you luck sussing out how to take on your website yourself. Oh no!

As part of my mission to reduce the tech headache busy business owners can often have with updating their websites, I add video tutorials into a user freindly dashboard in the back end of every site I create to empower you to take charge.

And, if this sounds like too much of a hassle, then fear not- I have your back going forward after your project ends with my website maintenance plans. If the idea of updating and maintaining your own WordPress website month on month makes you want to jump ship, I’ll do it all for you.

“Katie genuinely took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve and guided me on how to achieve this”.

“Everything turned out better than I hoped. It was visually beautiful and Katie really helped me nail the content. I love the way she took what I was trying to say and made it clearer for my audience and how it worked alongside everything on the website”.

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Nicola Edjourian


Hi, I'm Katie

Designer & Founder of Studio Lago

Let’s position your business to stand out, turn heads and talk directly to your kind of people

I’m a branding and website designer geared towards helping busy and ambitious business owners like you. Non-boring websites and bold online presences are my thing and I’m all about daring to be different and pushing out of that comfort zone. I’ve got a big appetite for helping other do the same I believe every business deserves to shine bright. Yours too!

Simply put, I'll help you get online, get seen and build a tribe of your kind of people so you can grow your business and get back the time you need to do the things you actually want...

Do I hear a big fat ‘cheers to that?! If it’s a yes then I’ll pour us out a couple of G&Ts to celebrate…

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The latest on the blog

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How much will my website cost?

The price of a website depends on so many factors. To answer your question off the top of my head is really not possible until I know more about you, your business and your goals. And that’s what’s so great about the website design process for me. I get to know my client’s business really well so that I can help them create a website that not only showcases their amazing business and what they...
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One of the benefits of hiring an expert in any field is their experience, of course. This is why I make it very clear that while anyone can build a website, it’s questionable as to whether anyone can build a great website that works in attracting the right people, talking directly to them with great content and converting them into a paying client and for you achieving a goal. If you have chosen...
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