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About The Designer

I’ll help you get visible and grow your business with a bold online identity.

Creating bold online brands and stand-out websites is my jam. I’m passionate about helping businesses dig deep to create their identities and providing creative solutions that connect you to your customers and help you to grow big.

Katie Lake Volcof of Studio Lago Design
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Meet Katie

Having worked in the wedding industry for 8 years, I know what it’s like to run a business, to wear all the hats at once and to be completely overwhelmed.

I’ve always been a visual designer, but Studio Lago Design was born after I launched the branding and updated website for my own business during one of the covid lockdowns. Through a necessity to work when my wedding business was in pause mode, I started providing the same creative design solutions for other businesses.

I fell in love with the process of helping other business owners revamp their online presences and give them the new found confidence they need to grow and thrive without the overwhelm.

Katie Lake Volcof of Studio Lago Design

I do things differently…

Working with my team, I build thoughtful brands and websites that consider your business goals. I work with your brand, strategy and ideal customer at the heart and soul of everything I do to create an online identity that really screams’ you’. I help businesses of all sizes dig deep to develop design solutions which will give your audience a higher perceived value and trust in you.

After your project, you might want complete control over updating your site with new content. Equally the thought of doing this might not be for you. That’s why I’m here to hand over the baton to you if you with full video tutorials, guidance and advice if you want it, or I’ll be in your corner and do it all for you with one of our website maintenance plans.

I work collaboratively with business owners on hand to help me understand your business inside out throughout the project but also to provide me with content for your site and give me your feedback along the way. Past clients have said that working with me took them on a  journey of discovery of their businesses and gave them new found confidence in their mission, purpose and values.

Where I stand on drinks, dogs and other important stuff...


Happy place: Exploring somewhere new

Motto: Want something you’ve never had? Then do something you’ve never done”.

Go-to drink: Gin and tonic

I go on holiday to: Scuba dive, eat and explore

Hidden talent: Remembering song lyrics

Can’t live without: Breakfast

Guilty pleasure: Buying second hand clothes

I left my heart in: Cambodia, Peru, Cuba, Bolivia… Too many to list!

Likely to shop for: Yet more houseplants

Currently hoping for: A great little rescue dog

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Studio Lago why me?

Am I your cup of tea?

Am I your cup of tea? Or is it coffee?

(or is it coffee?)

Whichever floats your boat, if you reckon we’d be able to chat all day long about the gin, volcanoes or architecture, recite the words of the entire Bowie back catalogue together and, of course, talk about how to get your business out there and help you find your ‘people’, then I think it’s time for a chat, don’t you?