Design Notes

Musings on building a brand with a strategy-first approach, the brand elevation process and a collection of guides filled with advice for coaches, creatives, educators and high-achievers who are ready to embark on a journey of discovery and take their business to new exciting places. 

Learn how to build a distinctive, personality packed brand that’ll have all the right people knocking at your digital door, and a digital home in the form of a strategic website that’ll speak their language and effortlessly convert them into paying clients.

How to beat brand shame

How to beat brand shame

I speak to a lot of business owners who tell me a similar story… They are ashamed of their brand and they just don’t feel it’s doing its job for...

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Fall back in love with your business

I help female business owners build powerful brands that allow them the freedom they need to build the life they actually want.

A brand that speaks to the right people and the confidence to show up as unapologetically yourself is on the other side of the back-to-basics journey I take business owners on…

A process that’ll help you fall madly back in love with your business and rediscover your passion for it.

That’s exactly the magic we can create together on your journey…