6 ways to keep visitors on your website for longer

Sep 15, 2023

Picture this: You walk into a shop, and within seconds, you’re either hooked or ready to leave empty handed. Well, this is exactly the same for your website’s homepage. The homepage hero section is the flashy front row seat that can make or break the show. It’s the bit at the top of your homepage that will do all the hard work when visitors first land on your site. Here’s why the homepage hero section is your website’s secret weapon for keeping visitors glued to their screens…

First Impressions Are Everything

Ever heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well, in the world of websites, this couldn’t be truer. Your homepage is often the first thing visitors see, and within milliseconds (2.6 seconds on average to be precise), they decide whether to stay or bail.

The hero section is like the red carpet at the Oscars – it’s where you roll out the grand welcome mat. It sets the tone for the entire website experience. An enticing hero section can captivate your audience and keep them exploring, while a lackluster one can send them packing.

Tell Them What You’re All About (Quickly)

In the fast-paced digital world, attention spans are short! Your hero section needs to do one crucial thing: tell your visitors exactly what you’re about and why they should care – and it needs to do it in a blink of an eye.

Imagine you’re running a gourmet pizza joint. Your hero section should feature mouthwatering images of your signature pies, a catchy headline like “Savor the Ultimate Pizza Experience,” and a brief, snappy subheading that hits home, like “Fresh, Handcrafted, and Delivered to Your Door.”

This combo instantly conveys your message: “We’re a top-notch pizza place, and we’re all about delicious, handmade pizzas.” Visitors get it without having to scroll, click, or search around.

Connect Emotionally

Humans are emotional creatures. We’re drawn to stories, experiences, and connections. Your hero section is the perfect place to tap into those emotions.

Consider including images that resonate with your audience’s aspirations or pain points. If you run a wedding business, feature breathtaking photos of beautiful weddings and couples sipping celebrating. It’s like saying, “Hey, brides and grooms! Let me help you on your way to wedded bliss.”

Studio Lago Design Malarkey Cakes Website mock up

The hero section is where you start building that emotional bridge between your brand and your visitors. Make them feel something, and they’ll stick around to explore more.

Clear, Concise, and Clickable

Your hero section should leave your visitors eager to see the whole picture. To achieve that, keep it clear, concise, and clickable.

Clear: Your message should be crystal clear. Visitors should instantly understand what you offer and why they need it. Use straightforward language and avoid jargon.

Concise: Brevity is your best buddy. A cluttered hero section with too much text or too many images can overwhelm visitors. Stick to the essentials.

Clickable: Use a compelling call to action (CTA) that encourages visitors to take the next step. Whether it’s “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” or “Get Started,” make it irresistible.

Your CTA should be a clear invitation to explore more of your website. If your hero section is the trailer, the CTA is the ticket to the full feature.

Visual Appeal Matters

Remember that old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, in the world of web design, it’s worth even more. Visual elements in your hero section can be the make or break factor.

Choose images or graphics that not only represent your brand but also resonate with your target audience. Use high-quality, professionally shot photos. Grainy or amateurish images can give your website an unpolished and cheap look. Invest in your visuals, and visitors will invest their time.

Keep It Fresh

Finally, don’t let your hero section grow stale. Just like a hit song can lose its charm if overplayed, your hero section can lose its allure if it stays the same for too long.

Regularly update your hero section to keep things interesting. Highlight new products, showcase recent blog posts, or promote upcoming events. Fresh content shows that your website is alive, active, and worth revisiting. Plus Google will love the fresh content you add.

So, your homepage hero section sets the mood, captures attention, and leaves your audience eager for more. Make it count. Tell visitors what you’re all about, connect emotionally, and be clear, concise, and clickable. Remember, it’s your website’s secret weapon for keeping visitors on their toes and exploring everything you have to offer. So, make your homepage hero shine!

And if you need more help to do this, you can grab this free guide on the 6 Secrets to a goal smashing home page. Or get in touch and see how I can help you create yours.


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