Why you should have a website for your business

Aug 1, 2022

Maybe your business has already come so far without having a website and if it has, you might be wondering if you actually need one. What’s the point if your business is already successful without one? I’m writing this blog post because I want to reinforce the importance of having a website Vs relying on social media alone, plus with the world of online business having been catapulted ahead a few stages in record time due to the pandemic, I want to outline the reasons why now is such an important time to make sure you have your own piece of real estate on the web.

But don’t just take my word for it. According to Forbes, every business needs a website. Let’s have a look at all the reasons why:


Your website is yours

So, to emphasize on the point above, a website is your own property. It isn’t owned by anyone but you giving you the right to promote your business without some of the limitations that social media might have. Your website also won’t be subject to changes to algorithms that social media platforms can change without warning which can affect your business overnight. If you are relying on using social media alone to run your business, then you could be playing with fire and leaving your long term business out of your control.


Having an online platform that you have control of is so powerful and so important in helping you achieve results and reach your goals.


It should be the core of your online marketing strategy

A website should be at the centre of your overall business marketing strategy. Using social media as a tool to get visitors and potential clients to your website should be the aim here. Once you have them on your site, they are more likely to get know, like and trust you and, ultimately, to buy from you. 


Your website can be at the centre of everything you do online and your social media, email marketing and all promotions should send visitors to your website where you are more likely to be able to convert them into paying customers.


Online social proof and credibility

A website gives your followers and potential customers social proof that your business is current, trustworthy and likely to deliver the product or services it promises to. If you’re a bit old school like me, you can see it as a phone directory like Yellow Pages was in the olden days. Remember those? If you wanted your business to be easily found and credible, you would list it in the yellow pages.


If you think about how you shop online, are you likely to buy from a company that doesn’t have a website as proof of its existence. Chances are you probably wouldn’t. 


A website makes you and your business look professional and so many internet users and potential customers don’t trust companies they can only contact through social media alone. Without a website you might be missing out on potential customers who question the legitimacy of your business through not having a website. As well as this you’re far more likely to be able to sell a premium or luxury product online through your own website than relying on social media to sell.


To showcase your brand and stand out

Your website will help you stand head and shoulders above others in your niche that maybe haven’t invested. If your website clearly communicates your message, shows quality and is unique then it’s going to help you stand out and get more customers drawn to your business than to the competition.


Showcasing your brand, your values and the personality of your business can also help you stand out in your niche and get attention. This can also set you apart from your competitors. Without a website it can be difficult for people to find clear information on what you do and who your serve.


To sell your products and services

Your website is the perfect place to showcase your products and services to potential customers who are ready to buy. As I mentioned before, online shoppers are far more likely to buy from a website than they are from social media. With the help of an online shop you can provide a seamless and positive buying experience through your website that’s unique to your brand.

Why you should have a website for your business

To get organic traffic

Being present online with a website that’s optimised for SEO can see you start to show up on Google searches. When people are looking to buy a product or invest in a service like yours online, once your business is coming up on these online searches, you are then more likely to get organic traffic to your site that can then turn into paying customers.


For reviews and testimonials

Your website is a great place to prove that your product or service does the job or solves a problem. Reviews and testimonials are so powerful in a world of online shopping. Case studies that showcase past client successes are hugely important in promoting your service based products. Once you have a website, linking it to Google means you can then also start to collect google reviews for your business which will also improve your SEO rankings.


The key to long term success

A website really is the key to long term business success. Investing in a well-designed website can bring your business results for years to come. I always wee a website as work in progress. It’s a part of your business that can continue to grow as your business does and should never be seen as ‘finished’. Putting the work into your website or investing in a professional web designer to help you now, means that year down the line you will still reap the rewards.


It doesn’t need to ‘cost a fortune’

Having a website doesn’t need to cost the earth, neither does it need to take you months to create. There are so many options available to business owners who would prefer to create their own websites. But, it’s also worth considering investing in getting a professional on board to help you build a user friendly, well-designed website. It all depends on what your goals are. You can read more in this blog post on The Pros and Cons of DIY Websites if you’re not sure which option you should go for.


If you feel like now is the right time for you to invest in strategic branding and website design for your business, you can find out more about my services or get in touch. And please, fire away with any questions you might have about how having a website can help you get your business results.

About the writer…

I’m Katie and I’m besotted with taking adventurous female creatives, coaches and educators on a journey of discovery of their business from the foundations up, to give them a crystal clear brand vision and a new found confidence to make an impact.

I know what it’s like to start a business and then find yourself on the road to burnout because actually, you’ve taken so many wrong turns and lost sight of the reasons why you started on your journey in the first place.

I hope these design notes inspire you to create the brand of your dreams. 

Katie x

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