The Brand Elevation Session

You’re feeling stuck when it comes to your branding, website or online presence… It’s time to get things moving with an empowering one-to-one session designed to provide you with honest feedback and clarity, and to help you work out what you need to boost your brand.

Does  this sound familiar?

You don’t feel like your branding is pulling its weight or you lack confidence in it, but aren’t sure what dirwction you need to take with it.

You’re struggling to connect with and covert the right people to work with for you to reach your business goals.

Your website isn’t converting visitors into paying clients, in fact you don’t know if it’s even getting any traffic at all.

Your business is doing ok, but you really want to take things up a level and start to see it really succeed. 

You spend so much time on socials promoting your business and when potential clients do book in for a discovery call, they’re saying no to your proposals.

But, what if it could be like this?

You know what you need to say and how to say it in your marketing and you have so much confidence around your brand and promoting your business.

You’re now charging your worth and can take on fewer clients.

Your brand does a great job of doing a lot of heavy lifting for your business, so now when you show up online it feels a whole lot easier.

You’ve repositioned yourself in your market and your brand helps you stand out in your niche, head and shoulders above the rest.

The Brand Elevation Session…

A 90 minute, bespoke, deep-dive session to get expert eyes on your brand, your website or your online presence and elevate your business to where it deserves to be.

What’s included?

Topics specific to the needs/challenges of your business. If you have a particular area you’d like to cover, I’ll create a bespoke session for you. Whatever you want to cover you will get:

  • A brand visibility questionnaire
  • a full report of everything covered
  • action steps for how move forward with the outcomes of our session.
  • Accountability is key, so I will personally follow up with you after our session

Some Example topics:

  • A 360° audit of your brand
  • A deep-dive Brand Strategy Session
  • A brand voice discovery session
  • A strategic website review

Investment: £350

 At the end of your session

you could have…

  • The foundations of your new brand strategy in place
  • Clarity on the gaps in your branding and how to fix these.
  • Next steps to improve your website and get more leads.
  • An action plan to implement what you learned in the session
  • An improved idea of how your brand strategy can help you make visual design decisions in your business
  • A clearer picture of how you can make your brand more true to who you are
  • A roadmap you can revisit time and time again
  • A clear brand mission that dictates what you should put in your marketing content
  • Less overwhelm when it comes to the bigger picture of your brand
  • More confidence to show up online as the expert you really are
  • Me on your side as your brand wingwoman cheering you on all the way

Meet your Brand Elevation Copilot…

I help coaches, creatives and educators build powerful, personality-packed brands that give them the clarity and confidence they need to show up so they can attract their dream clients and build the successful business they really want.

I’m a firm believer that being anything other than yourself is really hard work. And believe me, I’ve been distracted from my own vision by all the shiny objects out there more than enough times.

But what I’ve learned on my own journey to where I am now is that there is nothing more empowering than being truly authentic. Seeing those lightbulb moments when my clients realize they really can create a business and brand that’s an ‘extension of them’ is my guiding star on my mission to help business owners find their voices and identities, one brand at a time.

Why me?

So, why would you choose me to be your trusty wingwoman on this journey of brand and business discovery?

I’m a designer, but I’m also a business owner just like you, so I know what it’s like to feel stuck and have a lack of clarity and confidence when it comes to showing up for your business and believing in your brand.

I don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We’ll dive deep into your story to create a brand that’s as unique as you and your business. It’s all about capturing your essence and where you dream of taking your business.

My distinctive bold design style helps daring coaches and creatives stand out online whilst representing who they really are.

I’m an individual, not an agency, so when you hire me, you get me and my skills with no passing around from person to person.

Strategy lays the foundation for design when you work with me. I’ll help you dig deep to rediscover your brand foundations, authentic story and voice so we can then design a visual brand that screams ‘you’.

I’ll help you fall madly back in love with your business giving you the clarity you need in your brand to give you the confidence to show up, grow and thrive.

“Katie did a brand audit for me covering my website, LinkedIn branding and Instagram profile. She was very thorough and gave me some really clear pointers on where I was being inconsistent and what I can do to make my branding and profiles more client-friendly.

I’d recommend her services to anyone looking to make sure their existing assets are working as hard as possible for them.”


The Social Climber

“Katie works fast, is responsive and brilliant in pointing out how you can improve your website – to make the client journey easier and more logical. 

This resulted in more traffic, the time the potential client spends on my website, easier calls to action which leads to more enquiries. 

Her approach and understanding of websites is unparalleled.  She makes you think from the client’s point of view which is so important.  She is considerate, kind but straight talking.  Exactly what I was looking for. My website looks and works incredibly now.”


Whole Lotta Love Weddings

“I’m absolutely beaming! Our website review with Katie was so helpful. I’m now armed with a brilliantly comprehensive plan of things we need to tackle, and a head full of ideas that weren’t there before.

I am excited for the next steps of putting our excellent plan into action.”


Sabel Food

I would definitely recommend Katie for a website review. Katie was easy to talk to and she guided me through how to create a clearer, easier to read modernised feel on my website which will help keep customers on my website for longer and give them more reason to get in touch with me.

I knew my website needed improving but I didn’t know how or what to do with it. Katie helped guide me in the right direction and gave me lots of things I can do to appeal to my audience and keep my clients on my website.


Beckie Chapman cake design

Why have a Brand

Elevation Session?

Bespoke Advice

Our Brand Elevation Session will be unique to you and your business. We’ll find a solution that’s right for you depending on where your brand is at, and current your needs.

Expert Guidance

You’ll get me in your corner giving you all the advice from what I’ve learned over the years, not just from being a designer, but from years in business too.

Actionable steps

Your takeaway from the session will be clear, actionable steps that you can implement right away with clarity and confidence.


I’ll never leave you hanging and will check back in with you to see how things are going with implementing everything you’ve learned.

Your burning questions

Can I book a follow up session?

Absolutely. You’ll be surprised how much we can fit into a session, but if you would like to book in foir a follow up, please let me know and I’ll offer you a discounted rate for the second session.

What happens if I decide to work with you on my branding project after the session?

This will be great as we will have already oput a lot of the ground work in.  If you choose to go ahead and work with me on your branding, the price of this session will be deducted from the final cost of the package. Just ask to fine out more about how this works.

How do I book a session?

Once paid you’ll be redirected to book a date and time that suits you. You’ll then receive a confirmation email of your booking details.

Do you offer payment plans for the session?

Unfortunately I don’t offer payment plans for Brand Elevation Sessions.

Does the session include design time for my brand?

No, this is a purely strategy-based session. If by the end of our session together you’d like to work with me on the design of your brand then please let me know and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

How can I book you for my branding project?

Get in touch and we can then book in for a discovery call to chat through your ideas, your goals and what your business really needs. I will create a bespoke proposal and once you are happy, contracts are signed and  the initial payment is made I am then all yours to get started on your branding project. If you’ve already done a Brand Elevation Session with me, I’ll discount the cost of the session from the total amount for our branding project.

Latest  projects

From deep-dive brand strategy projects, brand transformations and brand revamps, to full branding and website transformations, take a peek at our latest projects.

Step away from

brand shame…

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