Claire Owen Cakes


Wedding Cake Artist


Brand + Website Transformation

Studio Lago Design- Claire Owen Cakes Desktop website view
Studio Lago Design- Claire Owen Cakes Mobile website view
Studio Lago Design- Claire Owen

“I was attracted to working with Katie partly because of her experience of working in my industry, but also her strong design aesthetic which I loved. Katie is also extremely personable, knowledgeable, professional and organised.

I really enjoyed the process of working on my branding and website with Katie. She made something that could have felt like a chore truly enjoyable and went above and beyond to ensure that the final product was exactly what I wanted.

I think Katie is a magic combination of being able to provide creative design and functionality – she is great at guiding a totally non-website-understanding human like me through the process and also really helped me understand why to do things in the way we did.

I love my new branding and website. It has given me renewed confidence in my business and I am massively grateful!”


Claire Owen Cakes

Are you looking for…

  • Renewed confidence in your business?
  • Total brand clarity giving you the tools you need to show up as you, unapologetically.
  • The confidence to grow your credibility and authority and get results.
  • A personality packed brand that pops and speaks directly to the right people, while repelling the wrong ones.
  • A trusted branding copilot to guide you through the process.

Your brand is your single greatest weapon in business. Let’s help you create one that stands out.