Creating your dream website

Designing websites that work to help small business owners who dare to dream big.

Designing websites that work to help small business owners who dare to dream big.

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It’s not just a pretty new website you need…


For your business to grow, you need an online visual identity and you need to provide a memorable experience that’s instantly recognisable to your ‘tribe’ and keeps them coming back for more.


You need a website that’s designed with your business goals at its heart so you can start to grow and actually begin to reach those goals. Remember why you went into business in the first place?!


The confidence to show up online consistently. Having a great website is a powerful tool that will mean you’ll have somewhere to be proud send your people so that they’ll take the actions you want them to take.

Studio Lago why me?

Websites that are more than just the pretty...

Websites that are more than just the pretty…

Don’t get me wrong. A good-looking website is important. But a great website that works for your business digs much deeper than that.

This means attracting your dream customers, having content that engages them enough so they stick around on your website, and then taking them on a journey from your homepage towards your specific goals of growing your list of subscribers, getting enquiries, or getting them to put their hands in their pockets and spend their hard-earned cash with you.

Your business deserves a website that works hard – even when you sleep! That’s what I can help you with.

Website Design

Strategic, stand out websites for small businesses


Start turning the heads of those all-important dream clients with an online identity that perfectly represents your business. We’ll take a deep dive into what it is that makes your perfect clients tick whilst creating a visually stunning site putting a strategy in place that goes way beyond just the aesthetics.


Hand your website design and development over to me and get the time back to do the things you actually love in your business. I build WordPress websites that go beyond what you might be able to do if you spend the time DIYing your site. We’ll go through a collaborative, strategic website design process with your business goals at its heart. The result will be a brag-worthy website that works hard for you.

Who is it for?


Got brand shame or an out of date dusty website? Maybe ‘create website’ has been on your to do list for a bit too long? Maybe you’ve spend hours trying to work out how to design your own site but can’t get things to look good or work properly? Then my website design services are for you. I have different packages available to cater for different business and different levels of customisation as budgets vary and every business is unique. If you’re a busy small business owner who is ready to invest in showing up online and growing your business then that’s where I come in.

The Website Review

A detailed review of your existing website and brand


You’ve got a website but your business has grown and it doesn’t really reflect what you do any more. It can be tricky to know at this stage what to do next. Do you need a new site, or a site refresh? Is your website still focused on your goals or not? Should you move platforms? So many questions!

That’s where I come in with the website review. In this session I’ll tell you what your site is already doing well, what it could do better and advise you on the best route forward to creating a website that starts doing the heavy lifting for your business.

Who is it for?


If you’re a busy business owner who’s got a webite you or a friend built back in the early days of your business and you know it’s time to level it up, then this has got your name all over it. The session is for DIYers who have spent endless hours tinkering away with their site and feeling lost and confused without any real strategy, who want to finally create a website with the help of a pro, but maybe aren’t ready for the full shebang just yet.

The Website Maintenance Plan

Your website taken care of so you don't have to


Once your website it designeed and built, what happens next? The good news is I won’t just leave you hanging. There is a suprising amout of stuff that needs to be kept up to date to keep your website the well oiled machine that it needs to be. Security is important to make sure your site isn’t hacked and what about the additions and changes you want to make to your site after the project is complete? I hand over all the completed websites I build with video tutorials on how to update content, but what if you’re a super busy business owner who doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to learn?

That’s where the website maintenance plan comes in. Hand over all the techy, security and update stuff you don’t want to do to me. Not only will signing up to one of my monthly plans mean you’ll never have to worry about your site, but you’ll also get an amount of time per month when I can update your content or add a blog post of two for you. Win, win!

Who is it for?


This is for anyone who has completed a website design project with me and wants me to continue taking care of their site’s updates and security and manage content updates for them, because they’re too busy doing the things they love in their business or simply don’t want to do it themselves.

Studio Lago why me?

Meet the designer

I’m Katie… Website designer, brand strategy geek and gin fanatic.

Building pretty websites that actually work for small businesses is my jam. I’m passionate about delivering websites to busy business owners that they want to shout from the rooftops about. 

I believe that having a website that works like a well oiled marketing machine for you (even when you sleep) gives the opportunity for your business to grow and gives you the confidence to actually want to show up online.