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Brand + Website Transformation

Studio Lago Design- Claire Owen Cakes Desktop website view
Studio Lago Design- Claire Owen Cakes Desktop website view
Studio Lago Design- Claire Owen Cakes Mobile website view
Studio Lago Design- Claire Owen

“Working with Katie, I was able to take a step back and really evaluate how I wanted my business to come across, what I wanted to say and how I wanted to stand out by thinking about my voice and the way I wanted to present to the digital world and my future clients.

Katie’s vision and creative style is very similar to mine and I really love the way her process really forced me to think about my business in ways I hadn’t ever done before.

Katie is fantastic to work with! Organised, professional, prompt, meticulous with the little details, so creative and she wants to help and teach people about how they can use what she’s created instead of sending them off with no plan! Katie has her client’s backs!

People absolutely LOVE my website and branding! It has completely changed the way I personally look at my business having fallen out of love with it previously. It’s given it a whole new lease of life and I got 3 new enquiries straight away after it launched!”


Sophie Lake Weddings

Are you looking for…

  • Renewed confidence in your business?
  • A brand copilot that’s organised, meticulous, professional and wants the absolute best results for your business?
  • To take your business on a journey of rediscovery that’ll help you reignite that passion and help you fall back in love with it.
  • A personality packed brand that pops and speaks directly to the right people.

Your brand is your single greatest weapon in business. Let’s help you create one that stands out.